Pretty dark

Last week was not that great. Didn’t write much.


No amount of rain will wash out the feeling of emptiness
Left by the departure of the kindest of soul

We’ll have the memories, the old clock and the pictures
Followed by the cancellation of insurances and other paperwork

Only time will heal the sadness,
Her legacy will make us glad
And honored to to have known her.


Little white spider
On a blue cornflower
Eats a bee for its supper

Sees a spider on a flower
Steps back slowly
Turns around and runs

Every gardener in town
Should receive a discount
On honey at the end of the summer

Along the garden path
Wondering about life
And how to get rid of the aphid

Eating a raspberry from the garden
Now hating all the artificial flavours
Of yoghurt and ice-cream

The twenty two on the green

List of improvement that would ameliorate my low appreciation of football :

    • Give every player a ball. Rules of course would need to change to accommodate this major modification.
    • Fine every player that falls down. Fine could be of a financial nature or having them play without their shoes for ten minutes.
    • Make the ball bigger. Easier to see for spectators and for the players.
    • Change the shape of the goal. Instead of rectangle, make it half a circle.
    • Take out gravity. Football in space where the ball could go everywhere is way more fun.
    • Make the Woman World Cup coincide with the Man World Cup. It’s only fair and it would be a better use of the new stadiums.
    • Shorten the match. Ninety minutes are so long, seventy minutes are better.

Happy television watching to you all and keep writing!

The hidden written words

I learned a lot since typing words down on the screen. I knew many of the text would never be released in the wild. I just presumed those text would be in their edited and ready to be read state.

Damn it, I was so naive. My screen, right now, is full of folders containing ideas, pieces of poetry, unpublished text of a certain amount of words and NaNoWriMo projects. It’s a universal knowledge that putting words on a paper is better than to keep it in your head. Otherwise you can’t edit them or rework them.

In my current writing project, my taskbar contains at least four documents open and directly related to the story. Biographies, timeline, chapters, twist and other various ideas each have their documentation. I now spend a quarter of my time adding notes and updating the biographies to maintain a certain coherence in the principal story.

I have heard of software that do that exact job on one screen, but I like to keep it simple. And I think I found my style of writing, at least a format I am happy with.

Editing last year’s novel is up in their air. I might just be in the right mood for it. But it’s a mighty task !

Keep writing !

Every words

Quite quiet on the blog post front, isn’t it?

Spent the first two weeks of April writing for NaNoWriMo Camp until I broke the adapter of my laptop, and that was the end of it. I only write on my laptop, can’t do it with a pen and paper. Sadly. Still managed to make about 15 new ideas of story before that accident happened.

Right now working on  a new story that mashes up many of the idea I had and some more. I have decided to write it from different points of view, and explore a few more possibilities in the story itself.

So I have been writing since about a year and a half now, and I made progress in every possible ways. Now I plan what I am going to write, which is less complicated or restrictive that I thought. I am happy with every page that I fill with words too. I have written a story with a beginning, a middle and an end of about 50’000 words thanks to NaNoWriMo. I learned that writing bad things is still writing. And that I am still having fun !

Keep writing ! And thank you for following this humble blog !

Writing time !

It’s a bit quiet on the blog post front. But am still here and writing for Camp NaNoWriMo. It’s my first participation and I like it very much.

I set myself a goal of making 30 synopsis. One page is one story to its core. I have found not so long ago about a blog post on how to write a story in 9 steps.  It is working for me, I feel like I am throwing spaghetti to the wall to see which one sticks. I have now 9 stories waiting to be told  and the last one is similar but doesn’t follow as many steps.

Love trying new genre, combining alternate history and a crime, science fiction and military secrets, love stories with a bit of supernatural. Hopefully I’ll get to publish them here, after loads of editing of course.

I really want to work on my sci-fi novel from last November, but it will involve a lot of editing and re-writing a bunch of the story.

Keep writing !