By the hour

August is nearly ending. I have decided to edit my work more, to revisit every word, phrase, taking out things, adding others. It’s like a painting you won’t show until all details are exactly like you want. Dude, it’s so hard and puzzling. It’s a good exercise to do this on a small-scale so that I can see how much work it will take for a 50K novel for example. Anyway, keep writing !


My shift was going to end in ten minutes. I looked around the room, three customer were at the round table and one in front of me at the bar. I asked him :

“Do you need anything else?”

He was sitting on that chair for the past three hours, buying beers and getting lost in his thoughts. An old green bucket filled with ice occupied an empty seat next to him. He answered :

“A glass of milk.”

I wasn’t even surprised, customers always made odd request in the middle of the night. While pouring his glass, I asked :

“What happened?”

He first took a sip of his milk and answered :

“Stupid tree….. Stupid squirrel….. Stupid chainsaw……”

I managed a smile while glancing at the bucket. He continued :

“Stupid accident…….Hospital’s going to text me…..and that I need to stay pretty…..near…”

At the same moment, his phone rang, it was the hospital. He said :

“Damn it… Where is the lift?”

I gestured the direction and said :

“Lift’s on your right, Sir, don’t forget your bucket.”

I watched the old man hopping quickly with his cane and his bucket full of ice. Finally 2am, I was done with my first job, I shouted goodbye to the cook. I then opened my tablet and read the message that was flashing red on the screen :

“Your next appointment : 2.30am, room 12F, Floor 78. Orthopaedic surgery. Page your interns and Dr Berg.”

Three more years of doing two jobs, and my student loan will finally be paid…


His body instantly became a statue.
His soul stopped moving.
The threat was just above his head.
His heart beat went wild.
Nothing rational crossed his mind.
The green exit sign was missing from the situation.
Another little horrible noise.
Which should not have happened.
One click was the norm.
One click before the storm.
Click. Click.
Then an electric door opened suddenly.
He took a deep breath.
A neon orange gooey substance slowly dripped on his head
Followed by a stack of multicolored confetti
Followed by little bones made out of papier-mache.
He mutteredĀ to himself :
I hate this haunted house..
His son ran back to him while he laughed out loud
Dad, I told you not to step on the blue star.
He smiled and nodded.

Mighty summer against writing motivation

At this point, summer is winning. I spent much more time in the garden than writing. The endless rainy days didn’t increase my motivation either.

After many failed stories that are now lost in the many writing folders, I think that I have the foundation of a great novel. It has the combination of all the things I wanted to write about in a story that will have many adventures and spaceships. Not only that but there already 4K of words in it, many great characters and possibilities of adventures.

Pretty dark

Last week was not that great. Didn’t write much.


No amount of rain will wash out the feeling of emptiness
Left by the departure of the kindest of soul

We’ll have the memories, the old clock and the pictures
Followed by the cancellation of insurances and other paperwork

Only time will heal the sadness,
Her legacy will make us glad
And honored to to have known her.


Little white spider
On a blue cornflower
Eats a bee for its supper

Sees a spider on a flower
Steps back slowly
Turns around and runs

Every gardener in town
Should receive a discount
On honey at the end of the summer

Along the garden path
Wondering about life
And how to get rid of the aphid

Eating a raspberry from the garden
Now hating all the artificial flavours
Of yoghurt and ice-cream

The twenty two on the green

List of improvement that would ameliorate my low appreciation of football :

    • Give every player a ball. Rules of course would need to change to accommodate this major modification.
    • Fine every player that falls down. Fine could be of a financial nature or having them play without their shoes for ten minutes.
    • Make the ball bigger. Easier to see for spectators and for the players.
    • Change the shape of the goal. Instead of rectangle, make it half a circle.
    • Take out gravity. Football in space where the ball could go everywhere is way more fun.
    • Make the Woman World Cup coincide with the Man World Cup. It’s only fair and it would be a better use of the new stadiums.
    • Shorten the match. Ninety minutes are so long, seventy minutes areĀ better.

Happy television watching to you all and keep writing!