Writing time !

It’s a bit quiet on the blog post front. But am still here and writing for Camp NaNoWriMo. It’s my first participation and I like it very much.

I set myself a goal of making 30 synopsis. One page is one story to its core. I have found not so long ago about a blog post on how to write a story in 9 steps.  It is working for me, I feel like I am throwing spaghetti to the wall to see which one sticks. I have now 9 stories waiting to be told  and the last one is similar but doesn’t follow as many steps.

Love trying new genre, combining alternate history and a crime, science fiction and military secrets, love stories with a bit of supernatural. Hopefully I’ll get to publish them here, after loads of editing of course.

I really want to work on my sci-fi novel from last November, but it will involve a lot of editing and re-writing a bunch of the story.

Keep writing !

The crimes (Part 3)

That’s a wrap for this trilogy. So much editing, finding the right word is hard ! Keep writing !


“Mr Cruz was strangled by a snake. Could explain the rats.”


“The DNA from a glass of whisky were from a female, blood relative from the old cold case.”

The phone rang, the airport security had stopped Mrs Cruz from taking a flight to Columbia. Agent Lecter thought it was weird she didn’t show up to identify the remains. She immediately asked for a lawyer. He called Dr Leary who told him :

“It was the ice-cube with the poison in the whisky.”

“Agent Lucas?”

“Inhaled a tiny amount, causing coronary failure.”

“Damn. Case closed?”

“Almost. Funeral is tomorrow.”

The crimes (Part 2)

Here is part 2. Keep writing.


Agent Lecter was assigned all the cases of Agent Lucas. He contacted the coroner for post-mortem result.

“It’s the same poison as Dr North.”

“Any idea how it got into his system?”

“Not yet.”

“About the blood drop?”

“Chemically preserved.”

Agent Lecter pursued his investigation and decided to interview the last person who spoke to Dr North, someone named Mr Cruz who worked at the natural museum. He went to his address and found his body partially eaten by rats. Dr Leary arrived on the scene and said :

“Damn it. I was going to consult him about the poison.”

The crimes (Part 1)

A first for me, a trilogy. Short crime fiction in three parts. Editing was hard, every details counts ! Keep writing.


Dr Leary had just turned off her computer when another cadaver got sent to her morgue. She was shocked when she recognized Agent Lucas who consulted her that morning about a mysterious death.

She had checked the file case and confirmed that it was a coronary failure due to poisoning, the samples had been sent to the laboratory. Then he received a phone call, thanked her and left in a hurry.

Before beginning his autopsy, she retrieved the file and studied it. All the results had come back negative but for one drop of blood that matched a cold case.


I am at that point in my writing adventure when I get stuck on an idea and don’t know what to do with it, when I edit things I wrote, when I have the perfect situation for a story but no real stories and when I think I understand how I write but I really don’t. It’s okay, it’s awesome, it’s even more adventures ! Keep writing !


It was a little after eight o’clock on Tuesday night when the alarm rang in the opera hall of the Jefferson Hotel. Ms Lindberg said :

“Why is everyone screaming, my dear. It happens when there is a storm outside. Don’t they know about the generator?”

He answered :

“Too young to know, my love. But they would know the best underground clubs…”

“Very good idea, my dear August. Let’s go to the Tea Library on Main Street.”

“But I wanted a pint.”

“They have beers and fedoras…”

When they left in their wheelchairs, the old building was on fire.

Love just in time

My entry for the fun Fi50: Communal Flash Fiction with the theme “Love in the time of…”

Half of my usual 100 words, adjustment required. Ended up being totally different from my first draft. Keep writing !


While she was shearing the last sheep of the flock, she thought about the last ball when no one asked her for a dance.

She looked up and recognized him. She yelled :

“Hi Ben, back from Sydney?”

“Yeah, missed me?”

“Needed someone on the farm.”

“How about a husband?”