I have taken one. For this november and #NaNoWriMo.

I am rebelling. Which means, I am not going to write a novel but more like 30 texts about all kinds of things. It’s okay, I have a novel on the way and have to focus on it while the idea and story is in my head.

So to everyone who is taking part of this fantastic adventure, I wish you the creativity and inspiration you need !

Keep writing !

The NaNoWriMo Conundrum

November is in two weeks, and I don’t really know what to do !

I am currently working on a novel, already 5K into it and am wondering if I should continue it, of course, or to leave it for a month while doing a new novel. But if I leave for a month, will I still have the motivation?

I had prepared something, the backbone of a story but now am conflicted if I still want to write it. So many question !

8 noteworthy advice from an aspiring writer

I learned a few things since I began to write about two years ago. I wrote on this blog, mostly silly things, and started to read about this art. So many great articles out there, with advice on how to write stories and what needed to be in it.

What seemed to be implied and not said:

  1. Write whatever you want.

    Pretty simple lesson right? But it is hugely important. There is no limit in what one can write about.

  2. What you write doesn’t need to follow any rules.

I might have read too many “how to write a story” pages. A story doesn’t have to fall into any category, a hero doesn’t have to a complicated past. Want to switch the beginning and the end, go for it.

  1. It’s okay not to write every day.

That’s true for me. Even if I haven’t reopen any of my files I do think about the stories on it. Setting a daily goal is great don’t get me wrong but it’s a hobby for me, I have no deadlines.

  1. You don’t have to show it to anyone, or blog about it or publish it.

There are like the many papers stacked up on your desk or the moleskin notebooks on your shelves. Ideas, beginning of stories, improbable character that don’t fit in any stories, recipes, etc. Never to be seen by anyone but you. Still makes you a writer.

  1. It’s okay if you don’t read a lot of books.

    That’s true for me. I’ve read maybe two books in the last two month. I read a lot online, from newspaper to comics and blog post. But not much fiction and literary text. And that’s okay.

  2. Keep up to date with the publishing industry, bestsellers or what is happening with bookshops, just in case.

    I listen to writing podcast, follow a lot of editors, author or bookshops on twitter. I try to read about this publishing world that seemed to be in between two eras, the paper era and the tablet reading era.

  3. There is a time during the day when you are more likely to get ideas and write.

    Unfortunately for me, it happens to be late at night and that’s when I prefer to sleep !!! So I have to shift this brainstorming somehow earlier during the day.

  4. Have many interests, in the art, industries, architectures, watch videos, visit museums, crafts.

    I do ! From design to the history of Japan, from the latest meme to archaeology. Everything is interesting and might end up in a book, you never know !

Writing should be and remain fun ! Happy Writing !


By the hour

August is nearly ending. I have decided to edit my work more, to revisit every word, phrase, taking out things, adding others. It’s like a painting you won’t show until all details are exactly like you want. Dude, it’s so hard and puzzling. It’s a good exercise to do this on a small-scale so that I can see how much work it will take for a 50K novel for example. Anyway, keep writing !


My shift was going to end in ten minutes. I looked around the room, three customer were at the round table and one in front of me at the bar. I asked him :

“Do you need anything else?”

He was sitting on that chair for the past three hours, buying beers and getting lost in his thoughts. An old green bucket filled with ice occupied an empty seat next to him. He answered :

“A glass of milk.”

I wasn’t even surprised, customers always made odd request in the middle of the night. While pouring his glass, I asked :

“What happened?”

He first took a sip of his milk and answered :

“Stupid tree….. Stupid squirrel….. Stupid chainsaw……”

I managed a smile while glancing at the bucket. He continued :

“Stupid accident…….Hospital’s going to text me…..and that I need to stay pretty…..near…”

At the same moment, his phone rang, it was the hospital. He said :

“Damn it… Where is the lift?”

I gestured the direction and said :

“Lift’s on your right, Sir, don’t forget your bucket.”

I watched the old man hopping quickly with his cane and his bucket full of ice. Finally 2am, I was done with my first job, I shouted goodbye to the cook. I then opened my tablet and read the message that was flashing red on the screen :

“Your next appointment : 2.30am, room 12F, Floor 78. Orthopaedic surgery. Page your interns and Dr Berg.”

Three more years of doing two jobs, and my student loan will finally be paid…


His body instantly became a statue.
His soul stopped moving.
The threat was just above his head.
His heart beat went wild.
Nothing rational crossed his mind.
The green exit sign was missing from the situation.
Another little horrible noise.
Which should not have happened.
One click was the norm.
One click before the storm.
Click. Click.
Then an electric door opened suddenly.
He took a deep breath.
A neon orange gooey substance slowly dripped on his head
Followed by a stack of multicolored confetti
Followed by little bones made out of papier-mache.
He muttered to himself :
I hate this haunted house..
His son ran back to him while he laughed out loud
Dad, I told you not to step on the blue star.
He smiled and nodded.