Dear editor,

Dear editor of the book of my life,

If such biography existed, it implies that someone or something or magical recording device is used right now to register my blog post. It means too that I will have no input in this book, but my life is de facto copyrighted to me. I, however, signed no contract of that kind. So which author’s picture will there be at then back of that book and does it/he/she receive the money for it?

I am puzzled as well about the publishing part of it, nobody contacted me to sign any edition. And a book, available to all to read? If other read it, how can I trust everyone not to tell me about what they read. Will their advice be driven to make sure it is like in the book or au contraire trick me?

Also, where to complain if the ending is wrong. I could take the very opposite way to it. Or is that part written as well? Or do you plan another tome just in case? I do believe you will not print only one book of that kind, cost wise it is not effective.

Now, if you had read my life, you would have known that I don’t read biography of people who are still alive.

Sincerely not.


PS : The cover you chose for it is wrong.

(Thank you kindly Daily Prompt)

8 thoughts on “Dear editor,

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