No flying cars

When I was sixteen, I had no idea what my life would be. I still can not predict where I would be in six month so…. But everything considered, no, I could not have predicted any of the things that happened. Career-wise, life-wise, like anything. Of course, I thought life in general would be easier, boy was I wrong.

Once thing I really hoped would happen in the future was flying cars. I probably watched The Jetsons way too much. Living in those very high buildings in the sky was also very awesome. I hope our environment would be cleaner too, as the Ozone layer was still in the headlines.

I had no real expectation because it was around the time the Millennium apocalypse would have happened. There was no internet-for-anyone around so influences were from the parents, school teachers, local libraries. I read a lot of books and some of them may have had a part in what my life path would be. It’s funny like, at that time, you would have said : I hope I’ll get a good job. And now it is : I hope I get a job.

I am happy with where I am right now, so it is a good thing.

Thank you kindly Daily Prompt.

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