The “understanding modern art” skill

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to travel to Barcelona and visit the museum of modern art there. One of the room was filled with blank canvas, the whole room was white. I was, and still am, puzzled about it. Another visit was to see Joan Miro‘s museum, it was more colorful and fun. Again, everything made me wonder why and what I should feel about these pieces of art.

So if there was one skill I’d like is to understand modern art. I get the part of creation, putting paint on a canvas, sculpting pieces from a block of clay or the time it takes to do such a piece. But I have not a clue when art critics are saying fancy things about a piece of art, it does not make any sense to me.

Thank you kindly Daily Prompt.

Joan Miró Museum

Joan Miró Museum (Photo credit: beckysnyder)

8 thoughts on “The “understanding modern art” skill

  1. I love your description of ‘art critics saying fancy things about a piece of art’. I guess it is the critic’s job to know a lot about history and influences that surround the piece and we as the audience may not know anything about that. For me, when scientists get into their nitty gritty I don’t have much of a clue. Good on you for going to see exhibitions and taking the first step to question what the work is about – that’s what the artist wants you to do, I’m sure!


  2. This would definitely be a good skill to have. I too suffer from any lack of understanding modern art – some of which just looks like the painter got bored and threw the paint can at the canvas, or the sculptor couldn’t think of how to finish so left something mostly undone, or the architect needs some serious mental help to work on some underlying issues…


  3. I remember going to the Musée National d’Art Moderne at the Pompidou Centre in Paris when I was very young…and being frustrated, never mind a bit freaked out, at all the abstract art and sculptures I just couldn’t fathom at all. I’m still like that. I’d love to be able to comprehend or interpret it all one day.


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