The long list….

So many things. Really many many things. So I am gonna focus on one.


(5 minutes later)


Beside the obvious, find a job or pursue your dream career, I think I should do some sport. Anything, because I could not run far if I had to. And I am not genetically gifted, especially now I will turn 30 soon. I need to take care of my heart. I don’t smoke and don’t take any medication unless necessary but it could benefit from some exercise.


(5 minutes later)


And keep in touch with people I know. This was my goal this year and maybe my friends noticed that I am more chatty ?? Who knows.


(5 minutes later)


And advance my novel. I just need that genius idea to make it a truly epic story.



Direction (Photo credit: Ramkarthikblogger)


Anyway, that’s life right? Do or do not, there is not try. Wise Yoda is. Choices are sometimes confusing, tricky and can be shelved, but at one time or another, one has to confront them. I leave this thought for you :


Shepherd Book once said to me, “If you can’t do something smart, do something right.” Jayne Cobb. Serenity 2005.


Thank you kindly Daily Prompt and IMDB for the quote.


7 thoughts on “The long list….

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