The spokes person from the FBI had a particularly sad face in front of the many cameras pointing at him. In the background, several men in black, mostly members from the White House of New Haghertown. He began to greet everyone in the room, and then proceeded to tell the very bad news :

Yesterday, at noon, we had a report from one of our field agent that our president had disappeared. The cabin she was taking her annual vacation is now a crime scene.  As you all know the president went there to write her memoir, she left her family in the State. Yes, she was guarded by hidden FBI’s agent and she checked in on her computer every day since her arrival. The first agent to arrive there noticed nothing unusual but when he knocked at the door, nobody answered. There is no evidence that she was shot, or hit, or even taken away. She vanished like thin air. We’ll keep you updated on any news. Next conference in 6 hours. Thank you.


A few hours later after the difficult conference, at his apartment, he was speaking about what happened to Iris, his tablet. He said :

Report from Thursday 7th of the month of Danua. I am depressed, you know like the time they announced that the last plant of cocoa tree was ravaged by fire. Or when they announced that the terraforming of New Solaria has failed. I opened the whiskey bottle, the one reserved for the great occasion. So yesterday while cooking, I heard the car door slam, and immediately looked a the clock. I was happy because I figured that the wife could take some time off to eat with me as it was noon. Instead it was Alfred bringing me a piece of paper. It was from Mrs Loydora, she had written in her typical cursive writting : Don’t attempt to find me, or they will kill you. This is not a drill. I knew the code and knew who had kidnapped her. Only that if we did anything, that would be the beginning of a very long war against Ulysse. And that I would not even wish it to my enemies. I’ll take some tablets and then go to the emergency session of the great council. Bye Iris.


High tech conference hall

High tech conference hall (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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